Energy Management & Energy Resource Orchestration
Solar-Energy Infrastructure

omniwatt develops and integrates Intelligent, Utility-scale Photovoltaic Installations for Industrial Clients, worldwide to allow for the efficient use of solar energy in the orchestrated resource mix.

The company engineers its installations to perfectly perform in the local climatic conditions and to consistently harmonize with the generation requirements.

Each and every element is carefully selected-, tested to ensure the highest possible level of perfection. Computer Simulations, Wind Tunnels, Climate Chambers are used to ensure precise performance.
Intelligent Energy Management

omniwatt optimizes the Performance of Electrical Energy Infrastructure to allow its Clients to minimze energy losses while using all available sources of energy. The result is a significant Cost Reduction and a Contribution to the Environment.

The company's Efficiency Portfolio ranges from Smart Grids for Utilities to Electrical Energy Optimization and Resource Orchestration for Industrial Clients.

omniwatt is partnering with London Hydro, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Waterloo to develop the most advanced Smart Grids in North America.

OffShore-Energy Infrastructure

omniwatt custom-engineers Deep-Water Umbilicals, Special-Purpose Carbon-Fibre Composite Tubing, Risers-, Protectors-, and related Components for the Oil-, and Gas Industry.

Superior Materials Properties, combined with reduced weight significantly improve the Safety and the Cost-Efficiency of Oil-, and Gas Exploration actities.

Components are manufactured to the Highest Industry Standards at the 300.000 sft. State of the Art facility near London, Ontario.


Whiteomniwatt orchestrates and optimizes the Performance of Energy Generation-, Energy Storage-, and Energy Consumption, worldwide.

omniwatt Energy Management provides Industrial Clients and Utilities with significant savings by consistenly optimizing and orchestrating the use of all the available resources to minimize overall Energy-Spending and to protect the Environment.

omniwatt Solar-Infrastructure is considered to represent a "Gold-Standard" in the Industry - providing clients with Extremely Consistent Performance Levels and stable Financial Returns over many decades. The integration of this resource allows for an increase in reliability while reducing cost.

omniwatt Deep-Water Energy Infrastructure Systems allow for a Safer-, more Cost Efficient Oil-, Gas Exploration-, and Production. Orchestrated by omniwatt Energy Management, very significant cost-savings can be achieved.